Well there wasn’t any green beer but we found some fun today at a new park close to home.


Today is for getting clean. Babies, house, and my insides.

Carrot Lemonade Recipe:
3 lemons (peeled)
9-10 carrots (scrubbed and peeled)
1 orange (peeled)

This juice is delicious! Tart, perfect for summer. I adapted a recipe I found on Pinterest by leaving out the stevia (didn’t want to add sugar- or the fake sugar) and ginger (didn’t have any). Sometimes less is more.

Collin is 3 weeks old today! Loves his bath much more now that he can sit in his whale tub. He likes having his hair washed, I think he likes the warmth on his head. I can’t wait until Emery and Collin can take baths together. Twice the fun.
Happy Friday! Xoxo


Never wake a sleeping baby. Take pictures instead.


I love him so much, who can resist dimples?! #driscolldimples


Happy Mother’s Day.  Wish I could spend the day with my own mother and tell her how wonderful she is in person but I’ll see her soon! Emery went with Will and got me flowers, she was so cute when she came in the house. So proud to give them to me. She ran right over to my spot on the couch where I was resting and presented me with them. Such a doll!

I’m not gonna lie though, our day got off to a pretty rough start. Lots of hormones raging over here, in combination with little sleep and the sniffles makes for a cranky Momma on Mother’s Day. Thanks to Will for putting up with me.

But we managed to turn things around. I finally got some last minute pictures with Emery taken (ta-da), took a nice long hot bath, got a nap in, and went out to dinner and frozen yogurt afterwards (yummy!).

Tomorrow is the due date! So excited. Hopefully I’ll be one of those small minority of women that actually deliver on their due date. I’ve been having contractions for over a week now, but they never get more intense or consistent. Just teases! Another doctor appointment tomorrow so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m progressing. I was 2cm last Monday, surely I’ve made some progress in a week right? Signing off to go relax some more.


Soon we will have two babies.


First night sleeping in her big girl bed was a big success! Even slept in til 8:30. Woohoo!!! #happymamma


I think someone is ready for her baby brother (or maybe she’s just ready for a sister considering all her babies are girls). She’s as ready as I am.


Oh so this is what you’ll be like…

When I first got pregnant one of the first thoughts I had was, “What will Emery be like when the baby is born?” She had just turned a year old when we found out I was pregnant and I knew she would be 20 months (21 if I go late) and I wondered what she would be doing (on her own), saying, not doing (on her own), acting like, etc. At my last doctor appointment my doctor said that the average second time mom goes into labor at 39 weeks so that means…. this is what she will be like. Eek… 

She still needs help going up the stairs and always tries to go down the stairs by herself but needs my hand, she loves to get into my things (see picture above), says lots of new words - about one new word a day it seems like, loves to watch anything on the Disney Jr. station (we have been watching a lot of it lately cause of potty training, more on that below), loves to be chased, still goes to bed like a champ but wants to brush her own teeth, loves to kiss the baby (i.e. my belly), says “Hi” and “Buh Bye” to everyone, blows kisses when I tell her to say “I love you”, has found a friend in her “Lovee” doll and always needs her and blankie in the crib, still is in the crib (not for long), can get fiesty when its time to share things with others, and loves frozen yogurt. 

One new development is in the field of potty training. We have been accident free now for two whole days!!! I started a week ago today with the 3 day, intense, don’t leave your house, naked below the waist, boot camp style, potty training. Needless to say, I made it a day and half before we had an unavoidable errand to run and I had to put a diaper back on her. So I had to modify our plan and we pretty much were doing half day potty training boot camp. I would have her pee pee on the potty in the morning, then run our errands in a diaper, and then when we got back she spent the rest of the day either naked or in undies (except for naps and night time). Yesterday though something clicked, I think it helped that I have been having her go naked more than wearing the undies. She has a hard time taking the undwewear off on her own so I think being naked is just easier for her to sit down on the potty and go without my help. Today she went a few times without me even realizing it (allelujah!). We have our portable potty in the living room most of the time and we have a cover on the toilet in the bathroom that she also uses, but she can’t climb up on that on her own so the portable potty is much easier at this point. Today was the first day we left the house without a diaper and she didn’t have an accident!

Some people have warned me about “setbacks” after the baby arrives and I don’t by any means feel like we have got this down pat. She needs to be able to tell me in public when she needs to go, she doesn’t tell me yet without me asking, just goes on her own. And maybe we will have a setback, who knows, but I am glad I gave this a try before he gets here. If there was any chance I wouldn’t have to have two in diapers I was going for it.

Our next big adventure is going to be the big girl bed. I got it all made today, just need to set up the bed rails, and get the monitor up and running in her room before she could sleep in it. Her room isn’t really decorated yet. The walls needs painting, I have a stencil I want to do on the wall behind her headboard, the headboard needs to be attached, and all her clothes need to be moved over to the new closet, but I’m not in any rush with that. She could stay in her crib even after the new baby arrives. And i want to make a big deal out of her big girl room so I may hold off on that for a few more weeks.

Baby boy is 36.5 weeks now. At 35 weeks he was measuring 6.2 oz. (give or take a pound they said) so he has probably put on at least half a pound or more by now. I am going every week for an ultrasound and doctor appointment now, so that is fun to see him each Monday. I tell Emery to watch for him on the tv in the doctor’s office and she does. She’s is funny though, some weeks she hates anytime they touch my belly and other weeks she couldn’t care less. Yet another reason not to have her in the delivery room (not that I was ever considering it). Baby #2 is still nameless. I think we have a name we are leaning towards but neither one of us has said, “Okay, thats the name!” Still chewing on it.

Now I’m wondering what he’ll be like…


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