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Just a little 12 month update. I can’t believe that I haven’t posted this yet. This is big news. Emery is walking (trying to figure out a way to load video). Labor Day weekend she took her first steps and she is just getting better and better at it. She got up out of a chair in her play room and just walked to me. Luckily Will was home and got to see it too. I think she walks the best when she is at work with me in the child care room. I think its because she sees all the other little kids walking and wants to keep up. I peer in at her from time to time and she’s motoring.

She has started to take an interest in her eating utensils but we are a long way from feeding ourselves, for sure. But an interest is good I suppose.

Toy that really captures her attention for the longest has to be her baby. She picks her up, drops her on her head, cradles her, kisses her, you know… all the things good moms do.

Still eating like a champ. I am hard pressed to find anything she doesn’t like. She wants to eat anything and everything we put in front of her. This month she has had curry, tofu stir fry, grilled cheese, vegetable lentil soup, peanut butter, nuts, eggs etc. She has quite the refined pallet with no allergies that we know of, thank goodness!

Until next time… back to baby.


One year ago…

Last year at this time I was anxiously getting ready for bed and thinking about what the next day would bring. I knew I was going in to the hospital in the morning to have Emery and not knowing how the day would go was killing me, but I wanted her here pronto! Fast forward a year and I am trying to slow time down. All day I could only think about how she isn’t going to be a baby for much longer. Of course she will always be my baby but not A baby. This last year has been the best year of my life. I feel so fulfilled being her mother, it truly is the most rewarding job on this planet. I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with her but it is going so fast. All mothers say that, there must be something to it.
My goal for her next year is to really presence myself to these moments. She will be walking, talking more, and I’m sure testing my patience and I want to remember it all and take it all in. She officially took her “first step” today. She has been standing more and more on her own this week and today she put one foot in front of the other two times. I wouldn’t exactly say she is walking, far from it, but it a start.
Tomorrow we celebrate!


Quick… Green Your Air

  I stumbled on this great sale from Green Your Air. A website that sells local plants that all filter at least one harmful chemical from the air in your home. I’m really interested in this because when I was pregnant I started reading this book:

  I couldn’t even finish the book because learning about how many harmful chemicals are in the air was making me too nervous, not to mention what we put on our skin. Did you know that even your shower curtain is giving off toxins in the air? PVC (polyvinyl chloride), one of the most harmful consumer products ever created can emit toxins for a month! I was afraid that when I took a walk outside and a car passed by it was harming my unborn child if I breathed in any exhaust. I know…. your thinking I am crazy right? But when your pregnant you worry about any little thing causing something to go wrong with the baby’s development. If I consumed this chemical is she going to have ADHD? Or maybe eleven toes? You worry about everything.

  So if I can do something to clean the air in my own home I am going to do it. This time of year our homes are sealed up so tight so we don’t let any heat out or cold in but what else are we keeping in? Scary! I want to order a plant for every room, but lets be practical. One for the nursery, one for the kitchen, maybe one for my bedroom? So lucky us… right now through the 22nd of January enter “ERINR25" at checkout and you can get 25% of your order! Yay… plants for everyone!

  And what I think is the best part about this company is that it is run by two stay at home moms who had a simple idea and wanted to find a way to stay home with their kids. And really… shouldn’t we be supporting small businesses in this country anyway? Well their business is having a rough time right now with the economy, I guess people think there are more important things to spend their money on than clean air or maybe they just don’t know about this company. So that is why I am writing this post. We need to support businesses like this.

  I think they would make great baby shower gifts, gifts for your favorite green friendly friend, perhaps a Valentine’s gift since that is right around the corner. Happy shopping!


12 weeks already?

Can you believe it? Our little bundle of joy is almost 3 months old!

Here are some things that I have learned recently:

1. She gets cranky when she is tired. Hmmm…. I wonder where she gets that from? Why just this morning I am pretty sure I snapped at Will out of shear exhaustion. I was annoyed that he didn’t hear me ask him to get up last night and move Emery in her crib (she has been moving herself around - right smack into the side of the crib and I had already been up four times).

2. My husband has selective hearing after midnight. Haha. Love you Will!

3. Schedule, what schedule? Just when I think that we are getting on a “schedule” we have to move the clocks back or Lucy barks and wakes her up from a nap, which throws the whole day off. Thanks Lucy.

4. Emery likes to sleep on warm cozy fabric. She always sleeps better in her flannel pajamas or when she is resting on this cozy blanket we have downstairs.

5. She is a talker. I think Emery is going to be like me. I think she is going to like to talk. She coos and “talks” ALOT. I love this because usually when she is doing this she smiles the whole time.

6. Bath time is so enjoyable. Emery loves a bath. She hasn’t cried during one since her second bath. Even if she is hungry, she doesn’t cry in the bath tub. This is probably my favorite time that I get to spend with her. And I love a bath too, so this gives me a good excuse to take one more often.

7. Binkis are a life saver. I don’t know why I resisted giving her one for the first week. She loves them and they have a magic calming effect on her. It seriously is like magic. When she is upset, pop a binki in her mouth, and she clings to it and calms right down. It actually is really cute how she tries to put it in her mouth herself. Her little arms really just end up hugging her chest, but she’s trying.

8. The dogs love Emery. They let her do anything, which is great because just the other day I was showing Emery how to pet Lucy and I am pretty sure she took out a chunk of Lucy’s hair.

9. Me time is really important. Every time I leave the baby with Will I come home and I just really want to see her. It gives me an appreciation for being home with her during the day and being able to spend all that time with her. Yes, some days are better than others but I feel really fortunate that I can stay at home.

10. I knew this from the beginning, but I love her more than words can express. I love her for her, for how much she has changed my life, for how my husband lights up when he sees her, for how good of a baby she really is, for how Will sings to her in the morning, for how well she is thriving, and for how much she loves us back. I love everything about her.


2 Weeks Old

Emery is 2 weeks old already! Where does time go? I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital. My mom asked me the other day what was different about her. So here are a few things I thought of:

  • She now weighs 9 lbs 6 oz. Apparently I have a good eater on my hands!
  • She is 22 inches long so she has grown a whole inch!
  • She is laughing. It is probably just gas, but it is still a giggle.
  • Some nights are better than others but she seems to be sleeping and napping for longer chunks of time. Thank goodness!
  • She is tracking things with her eyes, only up close things but its still pretty cool when I can tell she is looking at me and watching.
  • She isn’t crying anymore during bath time.

Some things that haven’t changed:

  • She still kicks every blanket off of her (I need to get better at swaddling)
  • I am still sleeping with her on my chest at night, but I really enjoy this time together so I don’t really mind.
  • She still sleeps during all her stroller walks and falls asleep in the car. She loves to be moving.
  • The pacifier seems to still be doing the trick.
  • She still gets hiccups (dang hiccups!).

Also we got Emery’s newborn pictures done this last week. Here is a link to her sneak   peak at the picture. Emery’s Picture  Again another thanks to Tara Molles for getting such great shots. I am in love with the whole gallery and plan on spending far too much money getting a bunch of great pics. She is only this old once right so we need to get all the pics we can to remember it.

The dogs are warming up to her more. The first week or so Toby just ignored Emery and pretended she didn’t exist but now that all our family has left and they didn’t take her with them he is forced to realize she is here for good. Lucy is really protective of Emery. If Emery is whining Lucy will come over to me to whine and let me know I need to go get the baby. She is constantly licking Emery’s feet too.

Some pics from this last week:


1 Week Old

So yesterday Emery turned 1 week. I can hardly believe that a week has passed by. She is growing up so quickly, tear.  Will and I have already learned so much about how to take care of Emery considering we have only known each other for a week. Here are a few of my favorite tidbits to share:

1) This is going to be way more work than you think. Just prepare yourself for that now. Of course we knew that Emery was going to be our world, but that means that means she is our world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And newborns need all that time! But is also that most fantastically rewarding job your will ever have.

2) Go to Babies R’ Us now and buy up every kind of nipple cream, nipple shield, nipple do da that you can. You will need it if you plan on breastfeeding. And it will save you having to gingerly walk through Babies R’ Us with your father having to pick this stuff out cause you can’t drive yourself there. Believe me, I know that they say breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, but it does. You will wince and whine about it and those items will be your saving grace.

3) If you have a pump, figure out how to use it before your little bundle of joy gets here. On a particularly painful morning this past week I decided that I just could not breastfeed and Emery started rooting. Well after all she was hungry, she hadn’t eaten in 15 minutes. So I succumbed to her pressure and gave her a bottle of 2 oz. formula that we had been given at a childbirth prep course we had taken. Well this just made me feel like a complete failure. It was day 4 and already I had failed my child and she was “on formula”. At least that’s what I told my mom as she was talking me off the ledge. But after I calmed down I realized it wasn’t the end of the world, she was satisfied, I figured out how to use my pump, and we feed her breast milk for about half a day out of a bottle. It gave me some much needed recovery time.

4) Some babies hate bath time. Emery hates bath time. Make sure to have everything handy and get her wrapped back up as soon as possible to get her warm. Then she will calm down right away. Temperature control is key.

5) My husband really loves his daughter. I was so glad to see how happy Will was when she arrived. I just felt so peaceful after she was delivered because I knew he was watching over her. He was beaming and I felt so proud. Proud that we had created this perfect little person and how he took to her so quickly. He does a great job with her and I can tell that his voice really soothes her. And she loves to lay on his chest. Dads are great for that with their broad chests. Emery loves to lay face down and there really is no safer place to do that than on Dad.

6) The binki (aka. pacifier, pacy) can be your best friend. I was really hesitant to use one for the first 5 days. I don’t really know why… visions of buck teeth and huge orthodontist bills danced in my head I guess (not sure of that is even true). But by day 5 I was kind of desperate for a break in breast feeding. I know, that seems really weak, and maybe I am, but I felt like she was constantly eating and I was exhausted. I just wanted to try it. I wanted to see if that would quench her need to suck all the time. And it really has. I have increased the amount that she is eating and try to get her to eat from both sides now which I think is helping her to get fuller and stay fuller longer. In between meals she uses the binki if she wants it. And by her first week appointment she was back to her birth weight, which usually takes babies 2 weeks so I know she is eating enough (and that she is a superstar).

7) The swelling will go down, all over. By day 6 the swelling in my ankles, made worse than before by IV fluids during labor had drastically subsided. And thank goodness. I looked like I had clubs for feet and “cankles” were an understatement. I wondered if this was normal (Will assured me it was) and when, if ever, the swelling was ever going to go away. I went for a walk one day and I do think that helped. And this picture doesn’t even do them justice.

8) Most of the weight, will fall off the first week. I have already lost 30 lbs. Which sounds cra cra but see post 7 about the swelling. Once the swelling goes down all over you will see a big difference in your body. Am I ready to throw on my pre-pregnancy jeans? Heck no. I am still sporting my maternity jeans, due in part to the fact that my hips are definitely wider apart than they used to be. But in time, and with some more weight loss (hopefully!) eventually my body will start to feel somewhat “back to normal” although changed forever. I really think that breast feeding and the inability to sit down and eat a real meal has really contributed to the weight loss.

9) Let your family help you. Thank goodness for my parents being here for a few days before Emery was born, during the delivery, and after. My mom took over all the cleaning, laundry, and most of the cooking. She was the only one who knew how to rub my back during hhorrendous back labor. Also she was there when I had poop/milk all over myself and needed her help to clean up. My dad took care of all the odds and ends that we needed/wanted done around the house (ceiling fan, sidelight blinds, etc. m”manly stuff”). Will’s mom and stepdad are here now and it really is helpful have family around. They are great with the baby and just want to love on her. Will’s mom is also a pro at folding laundry and his stepdad should be a professional swing putter-togetherer.

10) Try to enjoy and take in every second of this madness. It is a time when you will feel every emotion deeper (thanks hormones). You will love deeper than you ever thought possible. Love for your new baby and your family and friends. Share these moments with them and enjoy the ride together.

11) And last but not least, buy the Boppy Infant Lounger. You will love it and use it all the time!


This will soon be our life. Can’t wait to watch this when it comes out this fall. This could be the first sitcom in a long time that I want to watch. Yay NBC!


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