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Aloha from Rooster Country

Day 1 and Day 2 in Hawaii

Yesterday Will and I landed in Kauai, which apparently is Rooster Country, sounds magical doesn’t it? There are roosters running around everywhere, wild and free, doing their little Cock-a-doodle-do at 5 in the morning outside our window, but magically, here is Hawaii its adorable. Life is just simpler here, more laid back, stress free, and fun. I suggested to Will today that we move here, he reminded me it would take an 11 hour flight to see our family again and I began to rethink things. But its great.

I am going to attempt to recap the trip every few days to keep the trip fresh in my head, unlike previous trips when I have waited a month to post about them (see previous post, haha).

Yesterday we went to Tahiti Nui, which was where The Descendants was filmed. We sat in the same seats as George Clooney and Beau Bridges. Its a great little bar/restaurant, complete with live Hawaiian music. We went back today, Will loves a good Mai Tai and it’s their signature drink.

Then we went to the beach in Hanalei Bay. We had gone to Anini beach earlier, but the sand was a bit shelly (is that a word?) and rocky so we thought we would try Hanalei Bay Beach Park because we had been there the night before and it looked really amazing. We were trying to take our own picture when I man approached us and asked to take our picture for us. Turns out he is a dabbling wedding photographer, cool huh? Pose for you, sure, thanks. Throw up a “shocker”? No problem. Apparently this is an island favorite pose.

While we were checking out the beach a woman came up to us and asked us if we had had dinner yet. She was inviting us to join her tailgate/watch the sunset party. How nice is that? And they say Southerners are known for their hospitality, I think maybe Hawaiians should be. First an amateur photographer takes a bunch of awesome pics for us and now free food! I could get used to this.

Today we hiked around the Napoli Coast. It was 2 hrs in and about 1.5 out. A really pretty hike with a beach at the bottom of the hike. A pretty good reward for a 2 mile hike. The coast line was really beautiful, with turquoise water and just the right amount of breeze. This was the reward at the bottom:

But to get here you have to cross these:

Pretty treacherous and not easy to do. We climbed down and over all these rocks/river to get to the beach. On the way back we just said to heck with it and crossed right through the river (good thing I had brought sandals too!).

For dinner Will and I enjoyed a little Mexican to go joint, Frederico’s. The best part was this girl named Madison playing the ukulele and singing while we ate. She was really fantastic. She is only 14! I hope Emery has some sort of artistic talent like this when she grows up, not that she will have gotten it from me or Will, maybe from Uncle Brett.

One of the other many things to love about Hawaii is that even a sunset is an event. Tonight we found the “best spot” on the island to watch the sunset and we weren’t the only ones. People were stopping in their cars to watch, pulling over to get out and come sit down by the water to see it. Isn’t that great?! People just stop what their doing to watch the sunset, like its a basketball game or something.

Now on to Emery. We are missing her terribly but she is doing amazing at home with my parents and cousin Amelia. Mom thinks she is taking to Amelia because she is the closest looking thing to me (and also cause she is great with her and has long hair!) but that makes me feel good. She is happy as a clam and they are sending us pics regularly. We are iChating in the morning which helps but every time I see a baby I get a little sad she isn’t here. Its tough to leave her for the first time but its a nice parenting break for us and a good chance for my parents to spend time with her, I just wish we had more time to spend with them when we get back.

Tomorrow we are going to Waimea Canyon so I’m sure that will bring more beautiful scenery and photo ops. Aloha!


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