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Kauai - Part 2

Sunday we took the ride to the south side of Kauai to see Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. It was really impressive. My favorite part was seeing these Mountain Goats on the cliffs. It was a mom and a baby goat and it was so steep, crazy to think how they walked around there without falling.

Monday was our last full day in Kauai and we took a boat ride around the Napoli Coast. Napoli means cliffs - plural - in the native language. This was by far the prettiest scenery we saw in Hawaii. The boat trip took us on a hour or so ride along the cliffs, we went inside a cave (the second largest cave in the US that you could boat into), we saw about 20-30 dolphins which was of course really cool. They didn’t do a lot of tricks or anything like you see on tv, but I did manage to catch a couple shots of them coming out of the water. Then we snorkeled and had lunch on the boat. Didn’t get to see a whole lot at this snorkeling location but it was still fun. The trip back was an adventure. Very choppy water, water spraying me in the face, and a girl in the back vomiting her guts up the whole 1.5 hr trip back. Doesn’t sound like fun, but I really enjoyed the choppiness of the boat ride. Glad I don’t get sea sick or it would have been miserable.

The crew of Napoli Seabreeze Tours was fantastic. Captain Bob (owner) was a hoot, he didn’t actually take us on the trip but you could tell her was really funny from the time we did spend with him. Our captain and skipper were really nice guys and gave us a lot of information on our way down the coast. What a great job, huh?

Next post will be about Maui. The two islands are very different but both have their good points. A good mix for us.


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