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6 Month Photos Are Up!

I am so excited to share a few of Emery’s 6 month photos (we have 140 to choose from!). Last Thursday Tara Molles came to take Emery’s pictures and it couldn’t have gone better. Emery was so well behaved, she was happy and smiling and awake. I was worried she would decide to take a nap during the session but she was bright eyed the whole time. It helped that my mom was there to help me and grab things here and there or hold Emery when we were setting something up. And she was happy to be able to see how the pictures were taken.

Tara was phenomenal as usual. She’s great with Emery and getting her to smile. She came with props, chairs, blankets, hair bows, you name it she had it. Which was great because I really felt unprepared for these pictures. The last 6 months had just flown by and I hadn’t really planned out the pictures or the outfits in my head.

Also, just want to say that if you are thinking about baby pictures or maternity pictures JUST DO IT! You will be so happy you did. And the best thing I did (besides baking the best baby ever!) while I was pregnant was to line up a baby photo package. Tara offers a few packages, we choose the newborn, 6 month, and one year package. And like I said I am so glad we did because if I had to try to find a photographer and set this up they would have been her 2 month, 8 month, and probably never photos. You just get so busy in the day to day of being a new mom that these things can take a back seat. So set them up while you have time and a memory.

Speaking of a memory or lack thereof. Tara even sent me the cutest reminder card to let me know that it was time for pictures again and to email her to set up a time. How thoughtful!


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